How To Submit Your Sitemap to Google Search Console - Video Tutorial

I’m continuing to implement some basic things to help my apps SEO… latest tutorial goes over how to upload your sitemap to google search console. Any feedback welcome!


Thanks @alexcooney5 that was helpful. I have a related question. Don’t know if you can help?

I’ve uploaded my sitemap. When I got to Coverage in the Search Console, there are a number of pages that are ‘Excluded’

There are 3 pages listed under ‘Page with redirect’ which are three versions of my homepage URL, specifically:

It seems a bit concerning that my home page is showing as excluded. I haven’t done anything unusal with my homepage, other than set up a custom domain. Is it recognising that there is a redirect of somekind between the bubble URL and my customer URL??

Any help would be appreciated.



Just seen your older post. Did you resolve this?

@alexcooney5 thanks for starting to put together and post videos on SEO as it relates to Bubble. It’s an important area and one where there’s not a lot of guidance so far.

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Thanks @ed727 - much appreciated!

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Hey @gavin1 that is unusual.

Two possible solutions:

  1. Give it a bit of time. Often when you submit sitemaps to google it will still take a few days for them to crawl and index your pages.
  2. Have you ticked the “Point URLs to primary domain for better SEO” under SEO settings?

This is great @alexcooney5 . I’ve been wondering about the dynamic content for a long time. This is great to know theres a way to see the dynamic content does exist in the sitemap.

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