HELP NEEDED : Match two kind of users

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to build an app where I have two kind of users:
Trainers users who have different skills for prepare athletes
And athletes who wants to be prepared for a specific competition

For example an athlete through the application wants to be prepared for sprint 100m competition: he will input that he needs a trainer with a level 10/10 of the skill “reactivity” and a level 5 of the skill “speed”. The app will go through another page and show all the trainers that have reactivity equal to 10/10 and speed skill 5 or more/10

How can I do that ? Which input should I use? And how the data should be structured.

I’m really getting lost, I tried several times but nothing.

This is just a test version of the final app, then I will need to change the input with a Typeform API which will create new things in db and I will add multiple skills

Hope that someone could help me , I wish everyone a nice day

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It seems pretty straightforward.

Just build a repeating group with the trainer name, and levels. Apply a filter to the repeating group so that it’s set to the skill level the athlete wants and the result will be a list of trainers filtered at the level they want to see.

Okay thanks but how should I structure the database?

Ah and I just forgot that when the athlete make a request of skill level the price is automatically calculated. Let’s say that speed skill worth 5 $ and reactivity 3$
price = ( price of the skill 1 * level of the skill 1) + …+ (price of the skill N* level of the skill N)
so -> (55)+(310) =55

Here the app, but I don’t how to structure data and how to structure the workflow for let match this two kind of users