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Users Skills, each Skill Rating, and Search by Skill

Hi guys, I am new to, and I need your help!

Showing the data:
I am creating an app wherein the user’s public profile page should show hers/his List of skills (which he/her determine and input / up to 10 Skills only in the About me Form in my app), and I would like to show also each skill’s Rating (which he/her determine and input in the About me Form in my app)
, the skills are not static (meaning there could be up to 100 different skills that also can expand with time)

Searching for Data:
That was the show part, now I also would like to search for users using skills, which could be one of the 100 potential possibilities.

When I thought about the database to be created for this I thought of:

  1. Create a User-datatype where it has a Skills-data field-text-list + Skills Ratings-data field-number-lists, but I have no clue how that would be represented or to be searched for and if that is even scalable when the number of user increase or even if the user wants to only edit one of those skills or its rating.

  2. Crate a new data type called Skills-datatype where it has User-data field-user + Skills-data field-text + Skill’s Rating-data field-number, which again I have no clue how would that affect my app when the number of users increases and the number of possible Skills increase too.

** :roll_eyes:** any advice ?

Skills and ratings

I think it would be good for SKILL to be its own data type with a name = text field, rating = number field. Then each USER has a skills = list of skills. That way you can put on your workflow for USERs creating their skills you can put ‘Create new skill’ name = input name’s value, rating = input rating’s value, and then add an ‘only when’ Do a search for SKILL where name = input name’s value, rating = input rating’s value DOESN’T EXIST(:first item is empty). That way the same skill with the same rating will never be duplicated in the database and once a skill is created it can be used by anyone. That would definitely cut down on the data. This way will make it to where you can search for users whose SKILLS contains ‘whatever skill you are searching by’.