Help needed - Next button on form when yes goes to page a en no to page B

hi there
im struggling the last days with my form.

i have a page where you have a choice, yes or no. when you click yes it shows an additional page before comes to the page where you land if you would click no.

i tried this with steps and +1 but i cant seems to get it to work.

i always get issues when you go back in the form

Could you share some more details for context

I’m building a form with multiple pages, but depending on the users choice it shows additional pages. for example do you have solar panels? if the answer is no, then the forms shows an additional question before showing do you have a battery.
this happens multiple times in my form. i tried a lot of things but i need to take in to account that if i need to add a question its not difficult to do this.

Question 1 when answer is Yes:

Question 1 when answer is No:

Question 2 when answer was Yes:

Question 2 when answer was No:

my element tree: group:n is the general page container, group b contains all the different pages group k is the footer with the buttons.

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