Need help creating yes/no

I am trying to create a simple if/then , yes/no data table that will take the answers from that page and add them into another page when I select “yes, no” from a dropdown selection.

Hi Carson! Sounds like a really cool app to assist dispatchers!

Help me understand a little more about what you’re wanting to achieve. Are you wanting to display the answers to the key questions on a separate page or the result of those answers (levels, determinant descriptors) ?

Hi, yes we’re wanting to create a program that when we chose the responses to these questions will organize them onto another page and let us copy and paste into our dispatch notes. There is a program out there called Pro QA that I want to loosely base off it due to copy right reasons.

I would like it start it around 00:20 with the gender, consciousness, and breathing, and then select the complaint from a list and go to that “card” to finish questioning.

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