HELP needed with email notification

Need help setting up email notifications, as in everytime a user receives a message an email is sent to them to notify them that they have received a message on the website with a link to that message? any help would be very appreciated as I am quite lost!

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Hi there,

This should be pretty easy :slight_smile: Just use the ‘Send Email’ action in a Bubble Editor. Have you tried that yet?


you mind if I pm you?

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Sure thing! :slight_smile:

Hey so yh I thought about that tbf should I add a send email workflow on the send message button in conversations?

Yes that would work fine :slight_smile: Or to make it more efficient/faster, you can create an API endpoint with a send email action, then use the Schedule An API Workflow action to pass the user to send the email to through to the API endpoint and process it on the server side.

That’s a little more complex, but if you’re just building an MVP then you can just use the Send Email action connected to the Button.

Does that help?

yea perfect thanks so much!

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Great no problem

hi sorry to bother again but for the send email workflow and the form that it pulls up with, to whom, sender name, body, subject, etc. So in the to who section should I write current user, although that does not really specify if the sender or the recipient of the message receives the message. I would only like the recipient of the message to receive the email, what should I put in that box?

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