Help Needed with Link Domain Issue in SendGrid Emails

Hey there,

I’m sending emails through SendGrid, triggered in a backend workflow. The mail includes a link to the “websitehome”. But here’s the weird part: the link shows up with this “bubbleapps” domain instead of the custom domain. Everywhere else, the custom domain works just fine.

Any idea why this is happening or how to fix it? Would really appreciate any tips you’ve got.

Thanks a bunch!

What expression are you using for this?

Either way, you could just use this to also get the test and live version any time:
isn't live version formatted as text and set the yes’ value to your test version’s home page and no to your live version’s home page

I use “Website home URL”. For example, if I just display “wesbite home URL” in a texfield on any page, it is the correct domain. Only when sending a email in via API backend workflow it is displayed with the domain :thinking: