Help on a Bootstrap Budget

Hello everyone. I’m brand new to Bubble and had planned on learning and building a no-code web app myself. However, I am very limited on time as I’m building another tech startup. So, I am looking for recommended or referred developers who can build a basic MVP on Bubble. Hopefully I can learn a few things along the way with whomever I work with. That said, as I mentioned in the title, I am on a strict bootstrapped budget. I will also have to review a portfolio and/or previous experience to ensure this type of app is within your wheelhouse.

The application is for a more innovative health publication (think Mens Health/Women’s Health magazines only more interactive). There will be premium content, custom advertising, eventually a store - but, for now only the basics will go into the MVP.

There is no official deadline, however, sooner is better.

Hopefully this forum will help me!

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Hey @treigh

I’m from Sydney, Australia, and I run a Bubble Agency, Support Dept.

We have a pretty flexible approach to working with clients, with two major engagement models.

  1. We provide feedback, answer your questions and teach you to build and maintain an awesome app in Bubble. This is by far the most economical approach and keeps you in the driver’s seat. So this might be interesting to you if you’re working to a tight budget and don’t mind being a bit more hands on

  2. We take your instructions and build your app for you.

You can also mix and match 1 and 2 as best suits you and your budget.

Check out my website and the packages I offer and if you’d like to discuss further, book a call with me

Josh @ Support Dept
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