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Help On " Custom State"

I am struggling with use of Custom State.

I have a right-side Menu with a list of the “Project Name” such as ‘Omkar CHS’, ‘Ramanika CHS’ & ‘Ranjana CHS’. I have followed a tutorial & learned to highlight the text of Project Name when one clicks on it using Custom State.

Now, I have ‘Group Element’ on the Right Side which is holding information on these projects.

I do not want to make this ‘Group Element’ visible when the page loads. I want to make it visible when someone clicks on “Project Name” such as ‘Omkar CHS’, ‘Ramanika CHS’ & ‘Ranjana CHS’ Only thing is that Project Name is not a Fixed Text, It is Dynamic Text & depend on User Creation.

Following things I have done :

  1. Created a group element called “Group TABS EDIT” with un-checked on ‘visible on-page Load’.

  2. Created a Custom State called ‘Project’ on page level ( Page is called ‘app’)

  3. Custom State is called Project is Seen Like below :

  4. I have used this Custom State Called ‘Project’ as “Data Source” & the Type of Content is ’ Society Details’ which is the Data I have created. ( Refer to 1st Image above)

  5. I have put a condition on visibility on this Group like below :

Please let me know if the above procedure is correct? because It is not working in my case. Can you help me, please?

  • Aditya

Your point#4 is not very clear. Please show how you used custom state as the data source. Not sure why you need to do that too.

Is there some place where we can see how it is working? “It is not working in my case” is ambiguous. Not clear on what you mean here by not working.


Thanks for your reply. Let me know how to share the development app with you? I understand print screens are not explanatory enough.

You can go to “settings”>“General”>“Application Rights” and share.

However, you don’t need to do that yet. You can just share working page url for now. I’ll see if that helps.

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