One page app using custom states to show screens

Hello everyone,

I have built an one page app using custom states to show each screen of the app. It is apparently working fine on web view but when it comes to mobile, it looks that when a new value is set (for a different app screen), the previous view is kept on the screen. So my question is how to avoid that? I thought custom states views would replace the previous value for the new one once it is set.

Does anyone have a clue about a soluyion for this?

I appreciate :blush:

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Oops … did you happen to create conditionals in each of the groups you created? So that they appear only when the value of customState is determined? The ideal would be to leave all groups not showing up when loading the page and only show them when customState contains the value corresponding to each group.

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Hi @cortez.alexandre! How are you doing?

This is exactely what I did… Idk why i am having this issue…
I have set up the state in the app page, so the value is corresponding to each screen as per ita id name, forexample “users page”, etc…

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Can show how the app is behaving? send images.

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It shows that the previous content is still showing. Both are using the same custom state.

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Are the two groups shown whole or does one show only part of the group? if you are only seeing part of a group, it could be because of visual elements that were placed incorrectly on your main page and that do not belong to any of the groups. It happened to me this way. if you can, check the “elements tree” and see if there is anything visual outside the groups.

It shows the entire group… When I click to see the new group, the previous one remains underneath the new group. They r all in separate groups. I was wondering if I need to set up a condicion in each group to hide when the custom state is not the reapective to the group… Idk…

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That’s right. A customState that will determine which group should be shown and in each group there should be a conditional that indicates when the group should be shown. I thought I would be doing it that way.

If you don’t mind, send the link so I can review the trial version here!

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