Is it possible to make this kind of an app on Bubble?

Hello, everyone!!
I’m completely new on this platform and to be completely honest, I haven’t even heard about this platform until 2 days ago… I have a school project and was wondering if it’s possible to make this app entirely on platform. I will try my best to clue you in about the app itself.
My envisioned application is designed for managing sports teams and their training sessions. It includes features such as team information, member tracking, attendance recording, financial overview, and coach management. The application aims to streamline the administration of sports clubs, providing functionalities for tracking finances, member attendance, and team statistics.

Key Features:

  1. Home, Attendance, Membership, Statistics, Schedule, Coaches sections.
  2. Display of teams (Pioneers, Cadets, etc.) with details on group name, member count, expected revenue, current revenue, debts, training schedules, and a training timetable.
  3. Edit team functionality for adding/editing team members.
  4. Member list with filters for birth year, gender, activity status, etc.
  5. Financial overview showing the current month’s financial status, including expected revenue and debts.
  6. Financial overview for each club, displaying total debts and a detailed view for each member’s payment status.
  7. Attendance tracking for each team with sorting options.
  8. Membership fee records with sorting and filtering options.
  9. Statistics on team attendance, differentiating between above-average and below-average attendance.
  10. Implementation of a reminder system for medical check-ups.

I hope it’s not a very long text and that you found it comprehensive. Thank you in advance for answering. Have a great day! :grinning:

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Yes, it is possible. You can build almost everything using Bubble. But, of course, this won’t be an easy app to develop, but it is totally possible

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Thank you very much!!

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This is 100% possible to build with Bubble, but will be complex.

You need an experienced developer for this, so as not to have a lagging app when its live.