New phone - Disabling 2FA - Not working

I have a new phone and have lost Google Authenticator generator.

I have the backup codes for Bubble but they don’t seem to work. Im currently logged in however when I go to disable the 2FA it asks for a ‘password’ and ‘Token’ I assume that the token is the backup code?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Hi - Did you ever get a response to this? I am in the same situation (except I don’t even have the backup codes).

Does anyone know how to use the one time codes from bubble?

My google authenticator was reset as well.

Where do I use these one time codes from Bubble?

cc: @neerja - I cannot log in to my bubble account… need to resolve this issue asap please :frowning:

Same here. If anyone… ?

I emailed support and they fixed it for me. Give that a try.

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