What 2FA Solution Do You Use?

Hey Everyone…

I want a 2FA (two factor authentication) solution for my app users.

I’m frustrated to find the Bubble integrated solution is only available if I pay $450 per month, which is way beyond my budget until I get my first 1-2 years of clients under my belt.

I’d love to know what solution you use and how you have you integrated it.

Best wishes,

Hi Antony,

@romanmg offers a great video on how to setup 2 step via workflows! It’s a great video and you can even use SMS’s to send the code if you use a sms sending plugin. I’ll link the video below.

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Hi there @burnsadam123… thanks for your prompt reply and the link to Gaby’s video! Yes, I have seen that, and am considering it as my implementation method.

I am also curious about what other methods people have used. In particular, has anyone implemented a “push” method using a plugin to Authy or Google Authenticator? (so outside of the Bubble implementation which is beyond my financial grasp?)

Are these methods considered more secure?
Or just more convenient?
Or just different?

Hi @antony,

I’m not to sure about the security difference between auth apps and the 2 step with workflows. I think to use google authenticator or such you will have to use APIs but I think googles 2 step is open source (I’m not 100% sure) so its more than likely possible just will require a little coding :). Good luck with your app!

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