Help setting up an API

Is there anyone that can help me, perhaps for a reasonable charge, to set up this Quotes CoinMarketCap API?

I have followed a video from Gregory and been able to set up the ‘Listings’ API for say the top 100 items, but my use case requires quotes on any item in the top 4 or 5 thousand and bringing them all in takes forever. Thus I just want the 1 item as per an input field. I have most of it set up, just struggling with the API connector…

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think you just need to send a query parameter with the symbol or id of the coin on your call.
so &id=1 for btc
Here’s a CMC I did a while back

don’t have a pro account anymore but it would look something like this

Thanks for your reply Grotto. So you’d still use the ‘Listings’ API, even if I was searching for a coin ranked, say 2872nd ? So user enters the Ticker ‘THG’, how would I make my [id] dynamic?
Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 20.36.18

“symbol” is a query parameter as well so replace “id”=x with symbol=“%input_field%”

I’m not getting it. I’m getting confused between using the ‘Listings’ API and the ‘Quotes’ API. If I use the Quotes API, I must pass at least 1 value for id or symbol… Does my plugin settings look right?

But then on my RG I can’t get it to resolve to blue…

I’m pretty close, right? But can you see where I’m going wrong?

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 22.05.31