How to construct a Portfolio Tracker

Hi all,

I’ve made a start on an app I want to design. A simple crypto portfolio tracker. I am having difficulty working with an API and my repeating groups. I’m getting access to all the data provided by Coinmarketcap API which will help me save coin names & symbols to the database as the user enters a ‘buy’ transaction. I want to then display back to the user all their coin ‘holdings’ with current ‘value’ based on the current price provided by the API.

  1. I’m running into a RG which wants data from 2 different sources AND
  2. issues with making an API call for 5000 items (the portfolio will only hold a dozen or so, but they could be anything from 1-5000 in the rankings).

Can anybody put me straight and onto the right path in how best I can achieve my aim?

This is what I’ve got so far… Current values only show up for the first 100 ranked items, if I ask for anymore it gets really slow. I tried saving the whole top 5000 to a custom state but that was a nightmare on page load. It would be normal to call an API for only 1 of 5000 items without asking for them all, right?