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Help sorting two different data types in a repeating group

Hey everyone, I am creating a project where users can find a dog or give a dog. So for this project, I have two different data types, Finder and Giver, which consist of the preferences the user wants in that dog. Then they match! On my match page, I am using a repeating group and doing a search, but when I put in the constraints for the giver or finder, it only allows me to make it = current users fields

Here is the finder data type

Here is the giver data type

The problem I need to figure out is how I can sort between these two data types using a repeating group, and not the current user. Here is where I am at. And keep in mind, I need my constraints of the giver to = those of finder and vice versa, this way the match is complete.

Hello @kryptoluna1234

Title (text)
Attributes (list of attributes)
Finder (user)
Giver (user)

Title (text)

Suggested operators:
:intersect count > 1
contains list

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Hey @cmarchan,

Any chance you can explain a little further or share some screen snips? I watched the part in the video talking about the repeating groups, and when I click what the person clicks, it is not an available option.