Problems with my Repeating Group and sorting two different datatypes with multiple different fields!

This is my final problem in my bubble app! Please help me.

This is a 25-minute thorough video explaining my problem and my whole app. I give live examples using my repeating group and I walk through every aspect of my app. To the advanced bubble user, this video should make sense as I explain with simplicity. Please help! I can also Venmo $20 if you help.

P.S - the quality is bad for the first 20 seconds

Hey @kryptoluna1234

I’d love to help, but I don’t have 25 minutes to watch your video. Are you able to extract the specific issue that you’re having and question you need answered and I’ll be happy to provide some guidance.

Otherwise, you can book a call with me and I’ll be happy to run through it with you.

Josh @ Support Dept
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Hey @josh24

It is a very hard problem to explain but to sort of dial it down… this is what it is.

I have an app that allows a user to decide whether they want to find (adopt) a dog or give (put for adoption) a dog. The user signs up and they are immediately sent to the homepage. On the homepage, they can search for the dog they are looking to find or give. When they type the dog breed and select the option they want, they are directed to the dog questions page. Here I have a series of steps set up. Step 1 displays a group that asks the user whether they want to find or give the dog breed they selected. Based on what option the user clicks, they will be creating a new data type which will be a finder or a giver. (Example… If I want to find a dog I become a new finder, if I want to give a dog I become a giver). After this, based on what dog breed the user clicked a new step will pop up and step 1 will dissapear. The new step will display a new group. This group will ask questions to the user based on the dog breed they selected and whether or not they chose to find or give the dog in the previous step. For example… if the user selects to give a poodle one of the questions they will be asked is “How big is your poodle”. If the user decides to find a poodle they will be asked “What is your ideal poodle size”. Because I have all of the questions created under the option sets, I connected the multi-line input to the questions. This allows the user to click what applies to them and find their match. For users finding a dog, once they click find match they will be directed to the matches page where they can see users giving a dog who answered the exact same way and selected the same dog breed. The purpose of my app is also to allow users to explore their options and select multiple dog breeds if wanted so I need to make sure that my repeating group on the matches page displays all results to the person finding a dog. For example… If I am looking to find a Pug and a Poodle, I need to make sure that the repeating group will display users giving a Pug and a Poodle who have also answered exactly the same. RIGHT NOW IT WILL NOT WORK FOR FINDERS WHO SELECT 2+ DOGS. IT ONLY WORKS FOR FINDERS WHO SELECT 1 DOG The one important detail to note is that the questions I ask users regarding the dog they select are different for every dog. (Meaning I have created a question under option sets for every dog) I know this does not make sense, but I did this on purpose because I am working on another project that requires this I then linked the option sets to the two data types finder and giver. Anyways… thank you!

-If you scroll through the video you will be able to see this!

Oh , your RG filters are oriented to find just the first item ( one item).
Therefore you see only one match.
Try to change filters to find a list of fields but if you see errors like: "This field should be a text not a list of text "then you need to change your DB structure.
For example, Poodle or Pug should a type of dog not a field
Review the academy blog
For example how the Tinder’s DB is structed
Academy | Bubble


I am going to try this! Thank you!

Should I convert my data fields under getter / giver to lists? Because I do not know how to change my repeating group fields to = find a lists of fields. It does not seem that there are any options other than “contain list” which does not get me where I need to be.

If you don’t see the option " contain list" so convert to lists and show me what happened

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Hey Eugene! Sorry for the late reply, I had some issues with my computer audio going through

I have made a quick 3 min video going through repeating group and what the options it gives me look like. I hope this helps you better understand what needs to be done. Thanks for helping me!

Did this help Josh?

Hello , i just made a demo app like your.
Check out here

Give some case or question if i missed any point.

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Start from the index page and play around between 2 user types

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Thank you so much for creating this. The app will not allow me to click give a dog after I have inserted all the information on the signup.

-I also had one question. If I create a finder and I decide to find two different dog breeds instead of one will the results display on the matching page if I have matches for both those dog breeds?

I made only match logic. Just pay attention to DB structure and RG setups and the result is several matches not only one.

Yeah, you can do this, but you will need to add the options “list of breeds” to your DBs.
Check the editor, run as user “Tom”, select multiply breeds, and look at the result.
Later if you want to scale the app you can use the Algolia searcher (paid) or the Fuzzy searcher.

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Hey Eugene. Seems that it’s pretty much solved. One last thing that I can not seem to catch that your app demo does mine does not.

This is regarding creating a new user who is finding a dog. When I create a user who has completely random answers to the questions, there should not be a match, but somehow the repeating group displays match. Yours however does not display it which is how I want to make mine,

Hey @kryptoluna1234 . It would be better for future scaling of your app to copy my DB structure.
I updated the demo app and made it simpler. Just run as user" Mark" from the page “matches-v2” and play around.

Also, don’t look at “DB’s Dogs(deprecated)”.

Check out DBs “Dogs V2” and “Stray Dogs”

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My DB now like in your app

Hey Eugene, this is the final problem I am having. It should not be to significant. I followed your data base structure and still ran into it so I am not 100% sure.

Thank you for helping me so much. If you PM me your Venmo I will send $20

Hello Ray! Can I see the editor of your app? Let me check out all the workflow actions.
Also, I noticed that the user’s Getter’s Dog (deleted thing) is empty.

What for the list of options “Breed Chosen” in DB’s All Users?
When the user “J” wants to find another breed or see all, he should modify only options in the “Getter’s Dog”

Hey Eugene here it is. I sort of see what you are saying. Here is my bubble demo app and it can be edited.

Hello Ren!
The problem was with the empty options. All options should be visible when user select it.
Check out my created dogs and try to add yours .

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