Help // Strange Glitch -- with connecting 2 bubble apps (via bubbles "app connector" plugin)

So i am using the backend workflow to connect one of my bubble apps to another.

When i set my parameters to manual definition, the workflow works… and creates a new “thing” in my other app, however no data shows up in the fields… they are being created blank. So i decided to switch the parameter from manual to “auto detect” and run the same workflow, without changing the fields… and now the fields populate… then 5 minutes later, it stops working.

I click back to the workflow to make sure the inputs all still have their values assigned and they are gone and a strange window pops up asking for _wf_data_resource which i have never seen before, and there is no documentation here on bubble i have read to handle this yet. It stopped working completely now so i didn’t know if anyone can assist.

To elaborate quickly, I have 2 separate bubble apps both on paid plans. One is a website for only customers to login and check their account, and shop around… The other is for sales teams to sell products, and to onboard / create customer accounts. They need to share the same data, but neither need to have access to the other site for privacy and to ensure speed.

Im trying to have it set up to where a sales person creates an order on app “a” , and that data gets sent to app “b” in the database.