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Help to configure Oauth2 API Google My Business

Hi there,

I succed to configure and call API Google My Business with Postman, but I don’t know how to configure with Bubble.

I tried this configuration, but get an error


You haven’t entered the appID or secret. Does it fail when you enter those?

Enable “Requesting an access token uses Basic Auth” Option
Enable “Add access_type=offline (Google APIs)” Option
Pass the “Redirect URL” to the Google Developer console - " MY Business API" and enable the option here.

Scope URL- - you can verify from here (Basic setup  |  Google Business Profile APIs  |  Google Developers)

User Profile Endpoint-

I hope you get the AppID and App Secret using the Google Developer Console.

Here is the complete postman collection (Postman)


I got App ID and App Secret from Google Developer Console, and filled them in the API Connector :

The “Redirect URL” has been passed to the Google Developer console :

I get an error when testing :


Don’t understand why because the redirect URI filled in the Google Console Developer is the same


@bob.thebuilder can you share the error in English?


The App ID and App Secret were wrong, when I add the redirect uri is was not in the correct Google developer account

All is find now

Thanks a lot !