Help to hide header in my app

How to hide header while scrolling down and show it up when scroll up?

example: I need the header hidden when I scroll down like 400 pixels and then to show up when I’m over 400 pixels when I scroll up.

Hey! Whats up?
You can use workflow “Do when condition is true”
And you can only when: Current page scroll position is event.
After that you can use hide/show element in another new condition.


I have this but is just hiding the header


and then I have the next when condition is true:


and it doesn’t show up, so how do I do to make the header visible again? Any suggestion?

That should make it appear again.
What kind of header are you using?

Check if you header is a Floating group.

Is working, but the workflow behavior it’s strange, always hide when I scroll down but when scroll up sometimes shows up and sometimes doesn’t,

and about your question, the answer is no, my header is not a floating group it’s a normal header, does this affect the workflow in some way?

I mean if is not a floating group, then the header will not down while you scroll down so there is no need to hide it.

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