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The number of cells in a repeating group is not fixing

Hello! I have a problem with a fixed number of cells in a repeating group, the editor shows the number, but when I open the page, I get a different number of cells. How to fix this situation?

As a guess I suspect it’s probably to do with responsiveness. I suspect you have more things that are fixed width, than ought to be. I suggest you have a look at this in the responsive viewer and experiment with the “fix width” vs “max width” and look at the responsive sizing of the containers of your Repeating Group.

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It’s caught me out before so I knew about it :slight_smile: These days I look at the responsive editor as I am putting a page together - just checking every now and then. Then there is no major re-work required at the end. Especially if you go and copy and paste a group all over the place. :slightly_smiling_face: