Help with a schedule idea that I think I mostly get?

Hey Everyone,

I am looking for help with something scheduling related. If you are comfortable with helping create a sort of schedule system please reach out to me via PM me. Obviously, this is something I will pay for. I have already spent a lot of money on this and need something more. If you are comfortable with something like this, please reach out to me. I really need help.

Thank you,

Hello @ben4

A complementary approach could be to purchase a template in order to learn how someone built complex functionality.

This interesting one on scheduling came out recently by @muneer.hameer

Hope this helps! :+1:

@cmarchan Thank you for sharing, but I am looking for something different than that can provide. I’m looking for someone who would be willing to look into something with me and discover it if would work. If it is something would work, I want to hire them to build it. I can pretty much think of it, I can even pretty much build it, but I was someone with more experience than I have.

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you:)

Send more information so that we can talk about.