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Help with a search engine company website

Hello everyone,

I just started in bubble and I find it super cool and I believe it can help with my project but since I don’t know much I have no idea where to start but I do have some questions.

I want to know if there is a plugin or something to search and add a company, for example, I want to search X company on the website and add it to the website, so me or the client doesn’t have to do it,

Hey @daniel_silva29

Kindly elaborate further on what you’re trying to achieve.

Do you want your bubble app to be able to search for a company that is outside of your bubble database (meaning, you want to fetch data from an external source), and you want to add that company’s info in your database? Or what is the objective exactly?


Yes, I would like to fetch data from external source, adding one company at the time seems to be thousands of hours of work so I thought there might be a better way?

So essentially you’d like a web scraping feature that pulls information about a company and adds that info to your bubble app, is my understanding correct?

Yes, but im looking only like name, description, website, just the basic

In that case, you may find Web Scraping APIs to be helpful, as they can pull data from external sources/websites and you can take just what you need (like the name, description, website url etc)

Here are a list of websites that provide web scraping as a service:

Some of these services can provide the data in JSON format, meaning you’ll need to set up Bubble’s API connector for your app to communicate with these services, this will be a more automated way of doing it but will need technical knowledge to set it up.

But the data can also be provided in other formats like in CSV documents, which is good because Bubble does allow you to import CSV files, however, this method is not as automated but it can save lots of time as you are able to import information in bulk rather than one-by-one.

I hope you found this to be helpful :wink:

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