Create company page - Need your help

Hi all,

  1. I want to create custom pages for each company "
    The users that enter url directly should see company information (vacancies etc.)
  2. Pull data related to each company.

Please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

Have you completed the bubble courses? I’d start there as this is a basic concept in bubble.

Thanks for reply. I have completed them.

Related to my question:

I can send data between pages and read data. However, my app intends to allow users to enter url directly and see relevant information. I could not implement this part.

Background: my app creates career pages for each company. Users can enter directly to company career page and see vacancies of the company and related information.

I would be happy if you can help me to solve this issue.

If your page has a content type of ‘company’ and you’re utilizing slugs then you get achieve this. When users visit the specific company url, you’ll just use the ‘current page’s thing’ as your source.

Does that make sense?

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I change type of content and data source as you suggested. I am also saving company name in the database. Now how can I add company name to url so that I can get data relevant to the company?

Ensure the company name is all lower case with - for spaces. Use it in the slug.


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As @lantzgould said, this is about as basic as it gets in Bubble, so I’d suggest starting at the beginning and learning the basics of building a Bubble app…

But just to outline the simple process…

Create a page with a defined content type…

Add database entries of that datatype

Include the unique ID, or slug, of the Thing in the URL and use current page Thing as the data source on your page…

That’s all there is to it…

(Just be sure privacy rules aren’t getting in the way of displaying any data)


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