Help with a web app

I’m evaluating low-code environments for an app idea I have in mind. It might be better as an actual Android app but wondered if a web-based app might also work. The app is relatively straightforward in that it collects QR codes from a tour and then saved the list of QR codes collected to a cloud-based database. A PDF spec sheet can be found here -->

Thanks in advance for helping detemine if bubble is a good platform for this application.

Ya, i think this is something bubble can do well. Then you won’t be stuck just using Android devices. Any device will work.

Hello Faigj,
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I would be happy to help. Please mail me at: [email protected] and add me on skype: [email protected] to discuss more.

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This is something that you could quickly implement in Bubble. Additionally, you could wrap your website to turn it into a app for Android and Apple if that’s your goal.

The technology required for this type of app is simple and straightforward in Bubble. Seems like something someone who is experienced in Bubble could create in a couple days and definitely less than a week.

Wow! Thank you for your responses. If interested, please send me a direct message with any questions and an estimate of cost.

Hello Faigj,

I am really glad to assist you.
First of all thank you very much for providing us google document. Its really helpful for us to understand the scope of work.

I understand your requirement and i can do this jon in very reasonable price.
Please add me on my skype that is : [email protected]


Thanks for the response.

I’m heading out on vacation and will be back towards the end of next week.