Getting Started with Bubble


I have recently discovered Bubble as a possible alternative to Appsheet. I have built a full intergrated timehseet, project mangement labour and expenses app from Appsheet however am beginning to push the capabilities of what is possible.

I have been on the lookout for something similar, an app builder, that allows for storing and displaying of essentially database information, which appsheet was heavy on, everything is stored in Google Sheets format, and it is a large scale of information.

I have come across Bubble as the best alterantive without spending upwards of $500/month, which I can’t justify. The only other solution I can see would be Firebase / Flutter, built from scratch, which I can do / wont learn.

My biggest question is, the apps I build, need to be useable on web, android and ios. Is Bubble a pratical solution for this? Appsheet handled this no worries and was built with this purpose in mind, Bubble appears increasinly aimed towards websites and web apps, having a look around the editor, I can’t even see where it would be possible to use this on my phone.

Would Bubble be suitable for this, or is there a better alternative worth trying?


You might a little more interested in Thunkable ($45/month but bad experience on web) or AppGyver (no recurring monthly fee good experience everywhere) BUT bubble can definitely do this.

Bubble is dope and powerful but does get pricy.