Help with alternative payment API


Pretty new to but ive come far since start!

I need help with setting up an payment solution via API or URL.
I have all the doc. and willing to pay for help!

Here is the code:
“url”: {
“return_url”: “”,
“callback_url”: “”,
“merchant_terms_url”: “
“order”: {
“amount”: 5000,
“currency”: “SEK”,
“merchant_reference”: “{reference}”
“configuration”: {
“merchant”: {
“name”: “Business name”,
“logo_url”: “
“payex”: {
“swish”: {
“enabled”: true,
“payability”: “payable”

Checkout API

Hi there, I would be very interested to help you with this. Let me know what you think and we can arrange a date to do it?

Kind regards,

Hello @t.hellberg94

I’m a fullstack developer turned bubble developer and I love it when there’s an opportunity to mix coding, APIs etc with bubble. I’ve gone through Dintero’s API Docs and I’ll be able to easily implement them into your apps.

Let’s get on a call, I’ll also show you my bubble portfolio and we can discuss your requirements in more detail. Please use this link to schedule a call -

I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi !

Thank you for your reply, How long will it take? and whats your rate?

@t.hellberg94 I cannot say how long it will take as we haven’t discussed the entire scope of work. Let’s get on a call I’ll give you a quote then and there itself.

Hi, I will help you.