Payment via Bubble

I want to connect my site to payment service. I don’t know much about APIs. On the site of the payment system’ I need to specify the Service URL to which payment information will be sent. I do not quite understand what URL I should specify and how to process it later.
Could you help me with this.

Hi @ihor.kovalenko109 ,
Which payment system are you trying to connect to Bubble?


I am trying to connect Wayforpay system.
I think it’s popular only in my country(

Which is here:

Unfortunately this is not simple. If you are unfamiliar with API’s you will either need to spend the next week or two taking a deep dive or pay someone to integrate it for you. You can’t just input a url somewhere into bubble and expect to seamlessly integrate with wayforpay (or any payment service for that matter).

As detailed out in their api documentation, there are api calls for every single action:

Everything on that list will be a page detailing out every api call. There are way more complexities to these things than you think: payments, commission fees, captures, refunds, etc (to name a few).

The payment is already successful using the built-in button that they give and its working correctly. All I need is to receive data on successful payment. Just get the mail and order amount of the user without connecting and using whole API, if its possible.

Technical support answered me that for this you can specify the Service URL.: “Service URL is the URL of your server, where we send notifications about the result of the payment.”

I don’t need to make payment requests. As I understand it, all I need is to process an already existing payment response. Is this still difficult to do?

It is possible I’m overcomplicating things but from what it sounds like you need is to set up a webhook that your bubble application listens for. This gets connected through bubble’s api. To be clear on this point, there is the api connector which is added in your plugins which is used for your bubble app to ping third party apps and then there is the bubble api which third party apps used to ping your bubble app. This is not easy to set up and requires some knowledge of an api.

There may be a workaround with some bubble plugin that listens for emails to an account that you set up and that pulls the information from that email. This would require some googling.

Unfortunately what you’re trying to do isn’t simple, but it’s totally possible someone else knows a simpler way of implementing this than the methods I’ve described above, but I’m just not familiar with it.

Hello again.
I tried to figure out a little with the payment and read the forum. I’m trying to implement receiving parameters after payment using the Workflow API. In the place where they ask for the serviceUrl, I simply point to the link to this Workflow.

I tried to accept parameters via “detect request data”. But the data looks weird and I don’t understand how to properly process it.

Could you help with this?