Help with an API call

How should I set this up API using API Connector? I’m getting an authentication error at the moment.

That may well be Basic Auth.

So a base64 encoded key for userid:password that does in the API connector Header

The header will look something like …

Authorization ---------- Basic ZHNhZHNhOmRzYWRzYQ==

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Hi @NigelG
To accept GET api I have to expose the data api, but I’m getting the rejection down below ,any thoughts?

from JEDI development environment
Response code:BadRequest
Response body:
{“statusCode”:400,“message”:“Unrecognized authorization type”}

Thank you!

To do a get call for a specific object in your bubble database, you need to setup the call like below:

The url is: https://YOUR-APP.COM/version-test/api/1.1/obj/YOUR-THING/YOUR-THING-ID
(Version-test should be used when its your development app)

The header should be
Key: Authorization
Value: Bearer YOUR TOKEN

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Hey @simon7 thanks for the response it helped clarify somethings for me.
But it didn’t work.

The get call from the 3rd party to my app structured /api/ssssssss/job/status
URI to submit job.
Endpoint should support GET method.

although it’s a GET call
Request body:
{“ssssssssJobId”:""} I noticed that the J and I are capital, does that make a difference?

The only control I have over this is my url.
Thanks again

What are you trying to do exactly? Think you might need to create a new thread and maybe post some pictures showing what you are doing :blush:
From your first post it seemed to be a authorization error