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Help With API Error

Whenever I load up my apps on bubble, the front images for my apps show, “API Error. API Key Does Not Match Host”. Does anyone know what this means, or what I need to do? I don’t know as I am still a little new to bubble.

Same here. I think it’s a bug

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Should we report it?

My apps seem to be working, but yeah, that may be a good idea.
This is what it looks like here:

Its their 3rd party screenshot service that probably expired the api key, will probably be fixed quite soon!

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Thanks for the reply!!

I didn’t know if it would have done any harm or not. My apps are working as well so I am okay with that. Also, are you pretty good with the bubble interface? I am looking for someone to get help from on certain things, rather than having to post over small things.

api error looks like werid. you can see this thread with bug.

It should be fixed now, it’s only visual though.

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Yes it is working now. Thank you!

thanks for fixing. :wink: api error was disappeared.

@emmanuel I am having this problem since morning. I have sent an email to [email protected] too. Please help as I cannot even do any development. When I click on edit (pencil) icon it tries to load the app but then it gives a typical error “bubble says temporary error…”

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I have the same error message but I can edit my app.