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Displaying data from an API before saving to the DB

Newbie to Bubble here stuck with this problem for weeks now, so much that it’s demotivating me to load into Bubble so please help!
I am using an API call to retrieve a listing from a website, I want to display that data on the page first, showing the user what the API has retrieved - then allow them to ‘Save’ the record to the DB.

Problem is, I have displayed the returned API data as ‘Text’ element so when I created the workflow to save the values to the DB, it doesn’t allow me to grab text elements’ values - I believe it’s looking for Inputs, but I cannot get the API data to return as inputs.

I am baffled by this and need assistance please and thank you.

You should be able to use the returned data from the API directly in your workflow, using the same expressions you’re using to display it.

It would help to see how you’ve set things up. Can we see your API call and the data you want to display to the user?