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Help with basic databases design in Bubble

I am building a simple job board and I have got 3 tables.

  1. User
  2. Candidate
  3. Job

A User can recommend a Candidate for a Job. I want to create a table which is called Application.

Should I create an Application table, which has Candidate and Job and Status fields. Status field is just a text, which tells how the application status is.

candidate: Candidate
job: Job
status: Text

I want to understand if I am build it correctly. I feel Application will have Many to Many Relationship with Candidate. And Application will have also Many to Many relationship with Job. Am i getting this relationships correct or am I on the wrong path.

And the way, I am building my Application table, does it make sense.

Application will have a single relationship to a user and single relationship to a job. Your status should be an option set.

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Thanks. for this. Got it :slight_smile: