Just starting - confused by data storage

I just went through the basic build your own apps in the interactive skills. Pretty basic, and easy to learn how to build some UI elements, add workflows and some logic.

I also see there is a data tab, that shows the fields, and has views of what was saved.

All Ok, but I dont understand where Bubble is saving the data? Is there a relational database I can access? Can I specify tables and fields, or just fields?

I hope I am missing something, otherwise I could only see using this with fairly basic apps, anything more complex would need better data management. Or is that the market, for these more basic apps?

Either way, I don’t mean it as judgment on the product, just trying to see what market this is targeting.

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It’s not sql but they are relational databases.

All the data is saved on Amazon servers somewhere

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Thank you Jared, that makes sense. If your up for one more?

How would you build relationships between the tables. As a simple example, If I wanted to build an app where people could vote for their favorite fruits I would typically have three tables:

Table Fruits

Table User
Many other user fields

Table FruitVotes

When a use votes on a fruit you add a line to the FruitVotes table connecting that UserID to the FruitID and adding their score.

I would probably have add a property on the users table of fruitVotes as a list of ‘completed’ fruit votes

that looks good though!

i have a similar setup in an app

users (managers and employees)
job tasks (assigned to employees by managers)
Scores on jobs (scores provided to each employee by the manager)

Thank you again Jared. I’m glad I am on the right track. Now to get it to work :yum:

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