Looking for a tutorial resource for getting data FROM Bubble using API


I need some help with getting data from bubble using GET API calls. I don’t understand how to set up the Bubble url the other service needs to use.

I find lots of information on how to get data INTO Bubble, but very little on GETting data FROM Bubble.

Does anyone know of a tutorial resource that will explain this? Or is there any immediately available one-on-one coaching from someone offering that service?


Maybe this


Hi @emmanuel,

Thanks for your quick response. However the platform I’m using that needs the data from a table in Bubble is also a no-code environment so I’m not able to use the example you gave me.

They have a GET connector that is looking for a URL that will retrieve the needed data from an outside source, in this situation it’s Bubble.

I don’t know how to create that URL with the needed parameters from Bubble so that it works. Can you help with that?

Thanks again,

This covers in more details the different parameters you can use.

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So according to that documentation all that I need to provide for my particular situation is http://do-track.com/api/1.1/obj/type_name

Nothing else?

I’m not understanding something because that doesn’t work. It seems to me at least a key should be entered in there somewhere. And the link as I understand it from the Bubble documentation doesn’t work. “not available.”