Help with Creating a Dynamic Prompt System for Image Generation App Using OpenAI's DALL·E

Hello everyone,

I’m developing an application based on OpenAI’s DALL·E model, aimed at generating images through prompts. I am looking to create an option set with multiple choices, where each time an option is selected, the prompt is sent along with ten images. These images are meant to instruct the model on what to learn and then generate a new image based on what it has learned from those images.

Does anyone have recommendations on techniques or tools that could assist in automating the creation of dynamic, learning-focused prompts? How can I integrate a selection mechanism that allows the model to learn from a set of images before generating a new one, ensuring each generated image is unique and tailored based on the learned context?

I would greatly appreciate any advice, sample code, or resources that could help with creating a dynamic and interactive prompt system that enhances the image generation process.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide!

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I think this will require some iterations as to what prompts best fit your usecase.
I suggest you use open ai image analysis end point as well with this and based on that you can vary your prompt so that the prompt generated is dynamic.
Keep me posted on you progress.

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thanks , i will (:grinning:

I managed to create dynamics in everything related to sending text using option sets.

I think that for now, what you should focus on is just sending the images. I am currently trying to do it manually.