Help with creating recurring value

Hi everyone,

I am struggling with something that should be quite straightforward: I have the following page with 3 inputs and a button:

Once the user has filled in a dollar amount, a begin date and an end date, the button click must popuplate a custom state that has the following data type:

In the example above after clicking the button, I need the repeating group below to be populated with the following data:

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 13.42.43

To do this i have created a backend worklow, but I am missing some steps as I do not know for sure how to increment the date to be added to the list on the 1st day of every month between the start and the end date:

Here the logic on the button click action:

I am also sharing the link to my editor:

I really appreciate the help !

Hi everyone, I had misunderstood how to pass parameters from back to front end usingbackend WF, and passing the right parameters, I managed to solve the issue.