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Help with creating thing based on logged in user's current location

Hi there,

I have an app that has a mobile page (Android & iOS) and I have checked the app checks for the location of the current logged in user successfully. The app needs to create a new thing when the user’s current location is within 0.2km from a specific location but it is not creating the new thing (Travel Log)?

There are two ‘geographic address’ fields under the User thing type:

  1. Work Address
  2. Current Address

The workflow, updates the current address of the logged in user to the field (Current Address) and then there is a workflow that creates a new thing type (Travel Log) when the logged in user’s current location is within 0.2km from a specific location. Screenshots of the workflow below.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you


what exactly is the location_gained brought forward from?, also does this not work with the browser open the whole time? & what happens if you trigger this from a button rather than the 20sec timer? also what removes the travel log so that its empty for the next workflow run?

Hi @jarrad

Thanks for the response. The idea is for the location to be logged every time the user comes within X distance of the geographic address. The entry should not be removed as these will be displayed in a RG.

Also, the location_gained field is merely used for location permission on iPhone.

Appreciate the help!