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Help with data change


I have made an app which allows you to pre-order food from a canteen, my issue is that I need the menu to change daily by itself once I uploaded the menu. So on Monday it will show Monday’s menu and on Tuesday it will show Tuesday’s menu…

Anyone knows how to do that?

Thank you!!!

How is the menu loaded, is it a file, or is it actually records in a database for each day?

You could use the “current date” as a condition for the “do search” etc. to get the menu records from a data base or to select the correct file to display. If using filenames, adjust the display format to match a filename.

Get the current date, extract the day which returns the day of the week, then show the menu for that day of the week. Add any other conditions as necessary if it’s not a rotating menu.

Thank you, I use the extract date method and did a search on the menu table based on this.