Weekly list - Data structure

I’m building a meal planner. The user is presented with the current week in a vertical orientation. Monday, Tuesday, etc.

The User can click ‘next week’ t to see next weeks meal plan, or last week, etc.

Users own the recipes they created and can view all recipes on a separate page.

User should be able to pick any day of the week and add a recipe from a dropdown list. Then delete, change move, etc

How should my Database be structured? How do I store the recipes on a specific date?

I’m trying something like this, but I don’t understand how to automatically create all the weeks empty meal plans. Do I just fill up the database with a year worth of empty mealplan records?

     owner - user
     start day - date
     day1 recipe - recipe
     day2 recipe - recipe
     day3 recipe - recipe

Thanks so much!

Update. I ended up making a new DB table to connect dates and recipes!