Help with data included in repeating groups please!

Hi, I’m trying to delete data from a current cell’s (on a repeating group) with the implementation of an icon. However, I only want the data to be deleted in one page of my application, but if I use the “delete a thing” from the data source, it deletes all that data in the app. It is another way to solve this?
Hope I’ve explained it clearly.


I think you’d better provide us with an example :slight_smile:

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If you place an “x” icon in your repeating group of users (as an example), the action you will use in the workflow tab should be “delete a thing → current cell’s user”. This will delete only that specific user…

Best way to handle this would be to create a field (deleted by user) and check it if the user deletes it in their dashboard. This would hide that entry from the user but the data is still in your table so that an admin can access it.