Delete images from list of images with an icon in repeating group

Hi all,

I’m stuck at deleting a specific thing in a repeating group in a very specific case for the past few hours now. I hope my explanation is sufficient to understand the issue so that somebody can support me.

I have a data type called “Timeline”. Among other content such as text, it contains a list of images. These are portrayed in a popup in a repeating group. (This step works already)


My aim is to use the trash icon to delete this image out of the image list:

In delete uploaded file, I can select the current file('s URL) in the workflow. Unfortunately it does not delete the file and I don’t know why.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-18 um 11.01.57

I also tried to use “Delete a thing” but I don’t get the same selection such as “Current cell’s file’s URL”

My question is: How can I delete this specific image displayed in the repeating group out of this list of images?

Many thanks in advance for a solution!

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Hi there, @philipp.laengle107… are you sure the file isn’t being deleted? I think you might be running into what Emmanuel and gil06000 discussed in this thread, and more specifically, this post (and the one after it) in that thread.

Anyway, check out those links, and I hope this helps.


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