Help with database structure for future dates

I’m building an app where each user can create a list of “friends”. Each of these friends can have dates associated with them. Some of them will be user-specified dates (like a birthday, which happens the same time every year)… that is relatively easy to add. Other dates move around each year, like Mother’s day.

I’m trying to figure out how to structure this so that each friend has a list of future dates. For example, for friend “Dave” there would be a table with
Birthday - 4/15/19
MothersDay - 5/13/19
Birthday - 4/15/20
MothersDay - 5/10/20
Birthday - 4/15/21
MothersDay - 5/15/21

It seems like having one table with all MothersDay dates would be the way to go, and somehow merge that with the rest of the data, but i’m not sure how to do this in bubble (would be easy if it was just straight SQL or something). When i save a new “friend”, the output would be saving several different rows to their profile.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!