Data management problem

Hi all,
I am new to Bubble and right now I am working on a project for a kind of social network.

In the project there would be users posting their wishes for different occasions.
For example a user will have three events and under each event user will have various wishes.
Like Pins under a specific Board in Interest.

I am trying to solve the issue with repeating group searches but couldnt figure out how to structure the data setup.

Is there a way to organise data types and lists like a File/Folder systen in bubble? Each user will contain folders of Events and each events folder will contain wishes like a file in a folder?

Thanks alot in advance for your support.

Yes, so you would create a Folder data type, and an Event data type.

Then add a field “List of Folders” to the User.

The Folder will have a field “List of Events”.

You may want to have the “parent” on the folder (so a user) and the Event (so a folder) as well, depending on how you will access your data.

Thank you very much for reply.

Name of the data types different but I guess I got the idea. So basically it will work like this:

Data type: Users

  • Field: List of Events

Data type: Events

  • Field: List of wishes

Data type: Wishes

Is this the correct structure? Did I get you correctly?