Set condition based when creation date does not equal modified date

Here’s something that is likely simple but I’m stuck…

I’d like to show an element when parent group’s thing has been modified. When a new thing is created the modified date is the same as creation date. How can I set a condition as when creation date is older than modified date?

You should be able to set the element to not be visible on page load, and then on the conditional tab of the element, you should be able to construct a condition where parent group’s thing’s creation date < parent group’s thing’s modified date, this element is visible. And when I say “should be able to,” I mean that I know it’s possible but I’m guessing you may have tried it already and it’s not working for you?


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Yes that does work actually. I just had it written backward ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you.

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I know this topic is old, but as of today, this solution isn’t working for me. For some reason, a freshly created item with the same creation and modified dates is showing using the above logic. Essentially, the condition “parent group’s thing’s creation date < parent group’s thing’s modified date” is evaluating to true, even though they are the same date.

I was able to get something working using the following:

“Parent group’s thing’s modified date change seconds to 0 > parent group’s thing’s creation date”

but this is limited in that if the item is modified in the same minute that it is created, it will not show.

This new behavior seems like a bug to me, and suggests one of two issues:

  1. The “<” check is actually a “<=” check behind the scenes
  2. When an item’s created by and modified date are being initially set, they are being set to separate calls to time() (or whatever time library is being used) rather than one call, which depending on precision could lead to millisecond error differences.

@emmanuel Were there any undocumented changes to how times are tracked between January and now that could have caused this?

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Hi @austin3

do you have any updates related to this issue?

I haven’t looked into this in the past year, but knowing what I know about bubble now, I’m fairly confident that one of < or > is actually <= or >=. If one doesn’t work, you could try the other. If that fails, you can also do “extract: Unix timestamp (ms)” for each date and compare as numbers. This should be accurate to the millisecond.

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I know this is some time later, but I got this to work by using the following:

(Parent group’s Thing’s Creation Date - Parent Group’s Thing’s Modified Date):format as seconds <0.

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