Help with Date types

Hi everyone, I’m new in bubble and I’m having trouble when I want to show in a Repeating Group ONLY all the orders from a desired date.
This is what I mean …
The name of the placeholder is Date and this is how i defined it:
And here is the repeating group where things should be shown.

And here I show you how a new order is saved in the data base …
I think that the problem is that when Bubble is looking for all the orders with the date 08.09.2017 on to the database, he can’t find any matches.
Could anyone help me ???

If I delete the constraint and choose for someting else (for example Flag < 5 ) then it works, If a leave it like I showed above, then I get an empty repeating group.

Any ideas ???
Thanks in advanced!!!

It might be looking for the exact date/time match (down to the minute/second), so maybe try changing the date to look explicitly for the same day only. Not sure if that’s the issue, but might be worth a shot.

That’s what I was thinking but I have no idea how to change that. When I add a new order, Bubble takes the value from Date (it’s always a day like you saw before … 08.09.2017) and then he saves this with the time. I think the problem lays in that the initial content contains Current date/time, but here there is no option for only date.