Help with displaying text from a rich text editor?

So i am trying to create a blog/ story on my app but i ran into a problem. I know how to create it but seems i cant display it. I am using the bubble made rich text editor for the content of the story. I also have links in my story but they show up weird.

These are the settings for the text element.

Not sure if i am doing something wrong but i want to be the clickable text as the link.

Are you saving the text directly from a Rich Text Editor Plugin by Bubble into a text field of your database and not making any changes to it once it has been saved in the database?

Yes the contents field is text in the database.
Im not changing the text after it has been created. Not yet atleast

Do you have the problem if you don’t check the Recognize Links and Emails and don’t check the Mark Links as NoFollow?

I’m not having any issues when I set it up in a new app

You should try unchecking those boxes and set the color inside of the Rich Text Editor…of course if you want some specific color for you apps branding you can then go in and change the BBCode inside of the database.

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 1.12.34 AM

It is a pain to do manually, but if you are really after the look, you can set up a backend workflow to make those changes automatically once a new post as been added to the database.

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So, if i dont recognize links it works but i want the text of the links to be a Specific color, Cant seem to do that if i have the option turned of off.

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A backend workflow that would just to a simple :find and replace for the color=rgb(230, 0, 0) where you find color=rgb(230, 0, 0) and then replace with color=rgb (and the rgb code of the color you want)

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