Display editable data within Bubble.io's rich text editor

Hello! Is it possible to display a database value within Bubble’s rich text editor that a user can go back and edit (or “update”)? I know it can be done with other input fields. (Seen it on YouTube). But I’m having trouble making it work with the rich text editor.

Specifically, I’m building an app where the user can type in multiple (and separate) very long descriptions (think long essays) within Bubble’s rich text editor. These values are then pushed to a repeating group on the same page. In the repeating group, they are truncated to a limited number of characters, to conserve space.

What I want to do is allow the user to:

  1. click on any of those shorter versions of their message (from within the repeating group);
  2. have the longer version appear in a different window (which will be another rich text editor input field);
  3. Update their previous message in the rich text editor; and then
  4. Re-post.

Is this possible with Bubble’s rich text editor? (One of my goals is to use only Bubble features throughout this app and avoid any plugins at all. I decided to use this one plugin, because it was made and is managed by Bubble.)

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