Help with Dynamic Choices in Dropdown

I have two data types:

  1. “User”, with fileds like name, email and company_name
  2. “Location”, with fields like location_name and company_name

I need to create a “location_name” dropdown but only show options related to the company the user works on (based on the “User” data type relationship).

Right now I am only able to show all locations, without the constraints with the following:

Any tips? Thanks!

In 10 words, in your “Choices source” add a search constraint that uses the User attributes as a filter.

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You on a word diet, @lindsay_knowcode? :slight_smile:

To add a bit more clarity, add a constraint to your Search for Locations where company_name = Current user's company_name. That should do the trick.



legend! Thank you!

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:rofl: @mikeloc Yes I should have put in a bit more effort on that one. :upside_down_face: