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Dynamic Dropdown Choices Source Issue

Hi all, I’m creating a marketplace platform, and for a campaign post I’m simply attempting to get the Campaign Locations (the “Location” is a data type in my DB) to populate in the dropdown since they can change at any point and are not static. Can anyone provide an assist?

Dynamic Data means that it will grab the list from the DB.
In this case you probably have the Locations stored under a field within another Data Type (Campaigns?).
So the dynamic choices would be of type Location and the data would come from Do a search for Campaigns's Location :unique items. Provide filters within the ‘do a search for’ options.

:unique items will make sure that there aren’t any repetitions in the choices.

I actually have the 5 main data types: User, Location, Employee, Company, and Campaign. The Location Name (list of texts) is under the Location data type.

How have you linked Campaigns and Locations together?

You will either need to add a field on the Campaigns datatype as list of locations, or the other way around with Locations having a list of campaigns field.

This way you can either ‘do a search for locations’ with the constraint ‘campaigns contains this campaign’ or you can use 'this campaigns locations’s and the option caption will be ‘current option’s name’.

‘this campaign’ will either be something like 'parent group’s campaigns or however you are calling up that particular campaign on the page/element.

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