Help with finding data use

How can i get to the bottom of this?

I don’t know how to see where the data calls are so i can fix them. Is there a report i can use to find problems.

Your page has downloaded more than 2.3 megabytes of data via searches. This can slow down your app, you could look into simplifying it to download less data Performance warning

My page is now taking 8-14 sec to load and i cant seam to find out where the data is coming from. I have a very small db so not sure how this is even possible?

Example: You have the same search in different element on the page. Each search will need to load data. Instead of loading it 1 time, it do it for each element.

The best thing is to share your app editor link so we can have a look and help you to find what it causing this.

Thanks. I went through every element and record and i ended up finding the issue.

One of the original records we created in the db hade a photo that was uploaded at full size and as such was the culprit. I removed that record with the image and we are back to normal.

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